Website Design, development, BOOKING SYSTEM


  • InstaCarHire


  • UI / UX
  • Web design
  • Website Build
  • Server Side Scripting
  • Photo Editing
  • CMS


  • WordPress Build
  • Mobile Website
  • 20+ Responsive Pages
  • Booking System
  • Email Configuration
  • CSS Animation
  • Illustrations
  • Icons


  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Social Media

Project Background

InstaCarHire Challenge

InstaCarHire retain clients from some of the biggest companies in the world. Their goal is to eliminate some of the difficulties usually encountered when prospective clients try to secure a chauffeured luxury vehicle. Their priority; to get passengers where they need to be with minimal stress involved in the booking process. This priority establishes the foundation of the project.  Prospective clients are more like to request bookings while out and about therefore, there is an imperative to accommodate varying mobile devices.

Our Approach

We set out designing and developing a website using the content management system WordPress. Many clients request bookings on the go  therefore, it is paramount that the design is responsive across devices ranging from desktop computers to mobile device. We redesign and develop the booking system to facilitate the business logistics at InstaCarHire. Prospective clients are able to dynamically make bookings while being able to view key meta data of the requested journey and also view their journey on a highly detailed map.


Booking System

A booking system which is geared towards improving user experience and streamlining the booking process of prospective clients while at the same time offering simple site administration for every day business.

Autocomplete Location Search

Journey Map


Distance/Time Estimates


Vehicle Selection


Responsive, Reliable, Robust

 WordPress was chosen as the content management system (CMS) for the new InstaCarHire website. Through it versatility, we are able to promote easy site administration for their in-house support team. The CMS allows for dedicated pages for each vehicle and the ability to make updates to journey fairs which are automatically calculated based on service rates of each vehicle which again is fully adjustable.  Considerable effort is placed on the responsiveness of the website to ensure nothing detracts from the user experience when accessing the booking system from a variety of devices.