on & poppin’

On & Poppin’, a UK based confectionery company who are self proclaimed purveyors of quality sweet treats.

Creative Process

Here at Viqtor Digital Agency we go through a creative process which from start to completion involves the client and the target audience.

On & Poppin’ – A startup business who have dubbed themselves as purveyors of quality sweets and treats. We produce a custom logo design and branded mockups

The primary aim of a logo is to promote public identification and recognition as such the design process of logos involves a collaborative approach.

To ensure client satisfaction we go through a number of processes.

Client Collaboration

We collaborate with the client to understand what the logo is to convey. We identify the audience to help determine the overall look and feel of the logo.

User Testing

We apply designs to various mediums including product packaging and promotional goods which are presented to target audiences and feedback is assessed.

Market Research

We take an extensive look into the market being entered into by our client. This is how we are able to ensure the logo is able to perform well against its competitors.

Digital Assets

We provide multiple versions of the logo including EPS files, allowing the preservation of quality when the logo is enlarged on printed media such as posters.

Product Features

Branded shopping bags are one of the best promotional products because they appeal to the biggest audience. As  part of the design process the client is presented with quality mockups of branded food packaging and shopping bags. These mockups allow the client to see how their product is seen along side the custom logo prior to physicaly branding any merchandise. Mock-Ups of branded promotional wearable items are also created as part of an ongoing promotional campaign.


Custom Logo Design

Branded Food Packaging

Branded Shopping Bags


Promotional Product Branding

Logo Development

We use industry leading software for all design creations allowing us to provide additional branding assets such as colour colour palette and varying file types.

User Experience Research

The design process involves collecting feedback from target audiences – Here we use A/B Testing on marketing assets.

Promotional Products

Branded wearable products are produced as part of a larger promotional campaign to increase brand recognition.

The collaborative design process incorporates user experience testing of branded assets. This allows us to design for the target audience, offering our clients confidence in the creative process and end products.


Here at Viqtor we do not just churn out Logo designs instead we produce designs which are a product of research. Through collaboration with our clients we are able to identify long term goals of their businesses and establish the client’s strategy. This allows us to add some insight into the project snd informs us how we create multiple iterations of logo designs which in turn are presented to various target audiences for feedback.

A brand logo is the central visual element, the purpose of which is to help customers find, recognise and remember a brand. We are are certain we can create the perfect logo for your business or organisation.